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Damian Marley Bashed For 'Sacrilegious' Image

Son of iconic reggae artist Bob Marley, Damian ‘Junior Gong’ Marley has come under fire from the social media community for what they call a sacrilegious image.

The Welcome to Jamrock singer posted a picture on his Facebook page, seemingly promoting one of his songs but it did not seem to sit well with some followers.

The picture shows him on a cross with his hands and feet bound looking like a picture of the crucifixion.

“This picture is horrible and sacrilegious.. I love Marley music but this is making me rethink about listening to you. Mr Bob Marley would not be proud of this,” wrote social media user, Patsy Fodrie.

“This picture not my favorite..not settling well I must admit,” another wrote.

There were some however, who said there is nothing wrong with the image.

“When u r great u lead, when u are intelligent u analyse and when u are shallow u judge. Going on a cross is by no means blasphemous,” the follower wrote.

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