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It is important that as humans we recognize and appreciate the importance of both individual and collective responsibility; with that in mind, I sincerely accept individual responsibility for statements I made while I was featured on an entertainment program aired on Television Jamaica (TVJ) recently.


Some of my comments/statements were not fully explained based on time restrictions due to the nature of the entertainment program, while other comments/statements were simply as a result of my lack of knowledge about certain issues. Following the interview, I recognized how aspects of my statements negatively affected my fans, friends and supporters, therefore, as I firmly stated in my initial statement to fans yesterday on social media, I sincerely apologize.


Additionally, I wholeheartedly appreciate all your comments and I’m using this experience as teachable moments, as I continue to grow socially and consciously, attaining the knowledge needed to continually deliver music we all have grown to love and support.

I also take this opportunity to state unequivocally that I am not prejudice, and I do not believe in racial profiling nor any form of discriminatory approaches against anyone or any group of people.


As I indicated in my ER interview, it is my belief that for years we have been underserved and underrepresented by individuals elected to serve us, and it’s important that certain social issues be brought to the fore.


I love what I do. Positive, uplifting and socially conscious music is my passion; my music is for the world, it’s for all people, no matter their ages, from all walks of life.


My music seeks to unite and not divide – it’s all about unity and an appreciation for people and life, while highlighting the challenges we may face individually and collectively.

I consider you my family, and occasionally we may disagree but we are still family, so I’m confident about the mutual love and respect we have. I’m forever thankful for the support you have all given me over the years, it’s because of your love, encouragement, support and understanding I am who I am.


Forever thankful. Forever grateful.


With much love and blessings, Etana

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