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Reggae stars Pam Hall for library charity in Kenya

Eric Donaldson, Pam Hall, Half Pint and Leroy Sibbles are currently in Nairobi, Kenya for a charity show, funds from which will be used to build libraries in the East African country.


According to the Kenya Star, the quartet are scheduled to perform on the Rise Up Festival Saturday at Carnivore Grounds in Nairobi.


The two libraries will be built in the cities of Kibera and Bondo.

The Kenyan Star reported that Donaldson, Hall, Sibbles and Half Pint were recruited by the Having Purpose organisation to perform on the inaugural event.

Kenya is one of the vibrant markets for Jamaican artistes in Africa. A number of dancehall/reggae acts have appeared there including Busy Signal, Konshens and most recently Jah9.

Donaldson, best known for ‘Festival’ winners Cherry oh Baby and Land Of My Birth, has had a following throughout Africa for over 40 years.

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