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Seanizzle in serious but stable condition, after car crash

Producer and artiste Seanizzle, whose given name is Sean Reid, is said to be in “serious but stable condition” at the Kingston Public Hospital after an early morning accident.

Seanizzle's car is reported to have been pushed over an island into oncoming traffic, where a Toyota Rav 4 slammed into his car. 

Producer Black Sheep said that he saw Seanizzle at the KFC on Washington Boulevard at about midnight on Sunday.

"He had been recording songs and had gone to get food for the artistes. He went through the drive through and I went inside but we left at about the same time. I turned down to Duhaney Park side and he went up the Boulevard," he said. 

Black Sheep then reported dropping off a USB storage device at a nearby plaza and then heading in the direction towards Seanizzle's studio when he encountered a traffic jam in the vicinity of overhead bridge at Drewsland.

"Then mi bredrin say 'nu Izzy car that', and mi say no, him muss reach home by now. So we jump out in time fi see the police dem put him in a jeep. Then his car ketch a fire, and the police start push everybody back," Black Sheep said.

Black Sheep, who visited the KPH, noted that Seanizzle was conscious but “woozy” because he had suffered a concussion in the accident.

"The nurse asked him what year it was and he said 2012, but she said that was understandable. Mi just glad say him alright, he is in serious but stable condition but because it is a head injury, the doctors have to monitor him. Is a double lick him get, first from the taxi man, then from the Rav 4," he said. 

A female artiste who was in the car at the time of the accident is reported to have suffered minor injuries and is now wearing a neck brace.

Artiste Mr G. who spoke with Local News paper a short while ago noted that he would be heading back to the hospital after he picked up Seanizzle’s wife from the airport.

Seanizzle  is from the Molynes Road area of Kingston; he has been producing music for over a decade.

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