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Spice said woman fighting in video isn't me

"First of all me no deh a foreign. Obviously that look like it took place inna some foreign store, Walmart or wherever them claim it is," Spice told the STAR Online as she distanced herself from fight allegations.

In a video being circulated on social media, a woman wearing pink hair and another female engaged in a fight inside a store which many say is Walmart.

The video was first posted by selector Foota Hype who claimed that Spice was the woman wearing pink hair, the woman who was also the one being defeated.

"If that was me, the fight woulda go the other way around because to me, the girl that looks like me did a get the beat up," Spice said between laughs.


"I take it as fun. Me no tek it personal cause me know say Foota Hype, Richie Feelings and Tony Matterhorn, me and dem kinda have the relationship weh we always a trouble one annoda pon Instagram," she said.

While many seem to believe the person in the video is Spice, some of her loyal fans have sought to defend her.

"When Spice did wear the pink hair, it neva cut inna dah style deh it did long," one social media user commented.


Isn't Spice way thicker than this?" another questioned.

Spice is impressed with the fans who are  sticking out for her and she is not perturbed by those who believe.

"When you realise that there are fans out there who know you to the T like that, it is really impressive. It doesn't matter what people think because it is definitely not me," she said.



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